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Start Up Check List: PM1127VF
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Below is a list of things you should go over once you receive your machine.  
1.  Before you accept your machine from the delivering truck, thoroughly inspect the packaging.  Make sure that the machine has
not been opened or damaged in any way.  If you do see damage to the machine upon arrival, determine if the damage is severe
or cosmetic.  If severe, refuse delivery of your machine and notify us immediately.  You are not responsible for any damage
incurred during shipping, so do not worry, we will get a new machine shipped out to you right away.  

2.  Once you uncrate your machine make sure you have the following items:
- Owners/Parts manual
- toolbox
- stand for your lathe
- chip tray
- splash guard

3.  Once you have determined that everything has arrived, you can start to put your machine together.