Main Features:
  • Hardened and Ground Boxways on Column and Knee
  • 3 HP Motor
  • R-8 Spindle
  • Knuckle Joint using Bolts and Circular T-Slot Design
  • Dual Fan Head Cooling System
  • Double Nut Backlash Eliminator
  • Internal Lubricated Vari Disc Design
  • Motor Shaft End Supported by Bearing Cap
Standard Accessories:
  • Draw Bar
  • Front Rubber Way Cover
  • Rear Rubber Way Cover
  • One Shot Lube System
  • Tool Box with Tools
  • Manuals
Main Specifications:
Working Surface                      10x50"
T-Slot Number                          3
T-Slot Size                                5/8"
Table Travel; x axis                  35"
Saddle Travel; y axis               16.3"
Ram Travel                              18.5"
Quill Travel; z axis                    5"
Knee Travel                             15.3"
Throat Distance (min-max)       9.8-28.3"
Spindle Motor                           3HP, 220V/440V, 60Hz
Spindle Taper                           R-8
Spindle Speed (vari)                 60-4,500 RPM
Quill Feed (IPR)                        0.0015, 0.003, 0.005
Accuracy                                   0.0002" TIR
Head Tilt (right/left; up/down)    90/90; 45/45 degrees
Dimensions                                70"x75"x88"
Net Weight                                 3,000 lbs
TMV Milling Machine
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