Precision Matthews
Main Specifications PM-932M:
  • Table Size:  9"x31.5"
  • Max. Table Load Capacity:  300 lbs
  • Table T-Slot Size and Number:  1/2", 3 Slots
  • Table Travel, X Axis:  22-3/8" Hand Only, 19.5" w/ Power Feed
  • Table Surface Height from floor, 34-3/4" (With base flat on
  • Base Dimension at floor approx. 18-5/8"W x 27"D
  • Normal Working Max Height: (top of column travel motor) 76-1/2"
  • Height with head all the way up: (top of main motor) 81-1/2"
  • Stand (Base) height, to machine mounting surface: 24"
  • Cross Travel, Y Axis:  8"
  • Head Vertical Travel:  17"
  • Max. Distance Spindle to Table:  18"
  • Quill (Spindle) Travel:  5"
  • Lead Screw Type:  Inch Pitch Acme Threads
  • Spindle Taper:  R-8
  • Quill Diameter:  3"
  • Head Tilt Front to Back:  N/A
  • Head Swivel:  Side To Side, 90 Degrees
  • Ram Swivel:  N/A
  • Power: 220 Volt, Single Phase, 9 Amps
  • Motor Horsepower:  1.5 H.P. (Some other similar machines will say
    that they are 2HP, but its the SAME exact motor as this one, just rounded
    up to 2hp and marked that way, we prefer to be honest and mark it as
    what it really is, which is 1.5HP, more than enough power for this
    machine either way)
  • Casting Type:  Fine Grain Cast Iron
  • Approximate Weight:  1100lbs
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Standard Accessories: (Machine has a 3 year warranty)
  • Power Up/Down Motor on Head
  • Power Down Feed on Quill for Drilling and Boring (Only for PDF Model)
  • X Axis Table  Power Feed
  • Quill Digital Depth Readout (DRO)
  • Drawbar
  • Cast Iron Base/Stand W/ Coolant Tray
  • Way Covers
Optional Equipment:
  • 4" Milling Vise with Swivel Base:  $89.00
  • 4" High Precision (Taiwan HOMGE) Vise w/swivel base $249.95
  • 5" High Precision (Taiwan HOMGE) Vise w/ swivel base $269.95
  • 52pc. Clamp Set:  $59.95
  • R8 Collet Set, 8pcs   $49.99
  • R8 Collet Set, 11 Pcs $59.99
  • Easson 2 axis, ES-8A DRO: $499.00 (Customer install)
  • Easson 3 Axis ES-8A DRO:  $699.00 + $149 Installation
  • Easson 3 Axis ES-12 DRO:  $849.00 + $149 Installation
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Liftgate Charge of only $49 if needed, and no residential
Delivery fees!
  • PM-932M $2470.00
  • PM-932M-PDF $2799.00 (with spindle Power Down Feed)
  • Add Milling Vise w/Swivel Base, 11 Pc R8 Collet Set, and 58 Pc. Clamp Set to
    any machine, for $199.99
Main Features:

  • Comes Standard with X Axis Power Table Feed, Head Up/Down Motor, Quill Depth DRO, R8 Spindle Taper,
    Cast Iron Base, and more as shown
  • Class 5 high precision spindle bearings
  • Generous table size and travel in a compact machine
  • Solid Dovetail Way Column for high rigidity and precise up and down movements
  • Easy speed changes, no need to open any covers and change belts, just stop, flip a lever, and go.
  • Very Solid cast iron head and body make deeper cuts no problem
  • Head tilts 90 degrees left and right for angled cutting
  • Oil Filled gearbox in head for long life
  • All Steel Gears in head for long life
  • Adjustable tapered gibs and backlash to keep the machine tight and accurate
  • 3 Year Warranty (Longest warranty out there on this type of machine)
PKG Option Includes:
  • 4" Milling Vise with Swivel Base
  • 11pc. Precision R-8 Collet Set (.0005 TIR)
  • 52 Pc. Clamping / Hold Down Set
Package is an additional $199.99
Price:  $2470.00
Freight:  $199.00
3 Year Warranty
Total: Price: $2669.00
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Add Milling Package:
4" Milling Vise with Swivel
11pc. Precision R-8 Collet
Set (.0005 TIR)
52 Pc. Clamping / Hold Down
Package is an
additional $199.99
Quill DRO Included
ES-12 DRO Display
(PDF is Spindle Power Down Feed on
this model)
Price:  $2799.00
Freight:  $199.00
3 Year Warranty
Total: Price: $2998
Control Panel ( Also Shown
with optional ES-12 DRO)