PM-1440BV Main Features:

  • Large 2” Spindle Bore clear through spindle, Best in class for larger diameter work that can pass through the spindle for much
    easier setup
  • Large Morse Taper #4 bore in tail stock, to allow for larger accessories and more gripping power for those tough drilling jobs, yet
    you can just use a reducing sleeve for smaller Morse Taper accessories
  • Power feed on Carriage, and Cross Slide, both left and right, and in and out, for both turning and facing operations with automatic
    feed. Allows for the best surface finish in all directions.
  • Variable Spindle Speeds from 40-1800 RPM (1440BV Model) with High and Low,  to perfectly match the speed for the job for
    increased cutting tool life and better surface finishes, without stopping spindle to change speeds
  • Solid Cast Iron base, for the ultimate in rigidity and vibration dampening
  • Induction Hardened and Precision Ground Bed Ways to resist wear and give a long service life
  • All gears and shafts in headstock hardened and precision ground for long life and quiet running
  • High quality electronics used throughout machine
  • Slip Clutch on feed rod, to help prevent overloading damage of feeds and allow the use of a solid carriage stop for repetitive work
  • Precision Tapered Roller Bearings used in spindle, for the ultimate in long life, high precision, and best surface finishes
  • Inch AND Metric thread cutting ability is a standard feature, with a full range of all common threads
  • True INCH PITCH main lead screw, cross feed, and compound lead screws  make it easy to use for the INCH measurement System,
    yet still has the Metric readings on dials for the ultimate in versatility for any job that may come about
  • Splash oil bath lubrication in Headstock, Thread/Feed Gearbox, and Apron, for efficient lubrication, and long life, especially
    compared to traditional open-non lubricated Thread/Feed Gearbox design, yet simple and reliable, and does not require any filter
    changes or pump maintenance as with oil pump lubrication systems. Also no risk of losing oil flow to expensive parts as there can
    be with pump lubricated systems
  • Foot Brake, Coolant System, and Work Light included as standard equipment
  • Slide out chip tray for easier cleaning
  • Longest around, 3 Year Warranty on Parts!

Standard Equipment:

  • 8” 3 Jaw Chuck
  • Foot Brake
  • 8” 4 Jaw Chuck
  • Wedge Type Tool Post with 5 Holders
  • 10” Face Plate
  • Reducing Sleeve (For Spindle)
  • 2” Spindle Bore
  • Tail Stock Dead Center
  • Feed Rod Clutch
  • Headstock Dead Center
  • Steady Rest
  • Live Center
  • Follow Rest
  • Drill Chuck 1/2” Capacity (For Tail Stock)
  • Cast Iron Base
  • Coolant System
  • Owner's Manual And Parts List
  • Work Light
  • Variable Frequency Drive - 1440BV Model
At an unbelievably low price, INCLUDES 2 axis DRO and Wedge
Type quick change tool post set at this price as well as many more

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Model PM-1440BV Variable Speed
40 - 1800 RPM SPEED RANGE Variable
Wedge Type Quick Change Tool Post
Includes 2 axis DRO at $5999 w/free shipping
Watch the video to
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speed in use on the
PM-1440BV Lathe
Large 2" Spindle Bore!