How To Size Your DRO Scales:
Measure your total Cross Slide Travel, and Total Carriage Travels
from end to end. Choose a scale set that is at least 1 inch longer than
your travels to make it easy for you. Only order the closest size up to
your travels, do not order too large.
Example: You have a 12x36 lathe, with 6" Cross Slide Travels, and 33"
Carriage Travels. You would order the PM-8.5x36
This Series of Digital Readout Units offered by Precision
Matthews, with Specific Functions for Lathes or Turning Type
Machines, offers Excellent Quality, Value, and Ease of Use for the
customer. From simple installation, to accurate, easy to use functions,
it is the best choice in a Digital Readout System for your machine.
They will work and can be adapted to most any machine, whether
brand new, or 50 years old. All kits include universal mounting
brackets, and hardware, It is a complete kit ready to install on most
Don't let the low price fool you. These are packed with quality
features, such as Highly accurate scales that carry an IP-55 Rating,  
Scale Accuracy of +/- .0002" over the entire length, and repeatability
of +/- 1 resolution Count, this system has the features of many DRO's
that are 3 times the price. Plus these systems carry a 3 year warranty,
one of the best in the industry. You can't go wrong by choosing the
Precision Matthews DRO.
Main Specifications:
Scale Accuracy                                 +/- .0002" over scale length
Repeatability                                     +/- 1 decimal count on display (.00002")
Resolution (can be set at choice)  3 to 5 decimal places
Cross Slide Scale Dimensions        3/4"x13/16"
Bed Scale Dimensions                     1"x1-3/8"
Measurement System                      Inch Or Metric with 1 button selection
Max. Transverse Speed                  39 inches per second
Scale Seal Rating                             IP-55
Power Requirements                      120 volts, single phase
Main Features:
-Radius/diameter function for cross slide for absolute
measurement, or 1/2 measurement for turning jobs
-Taper measurement
-Inch/Metric system conversion with 1 push of a button
-Programmable 200 tool memory  
-Power down position memory
All Kits Include:
  • Display Unit with Universal Mounting Arm
  • Cross Slide Scale with backup bar for mounting and adjustment
  • Bed Scale with backup bar for mounting and adjustment
  • Mounting Brackets and Hardware
  • Scale Guards/Covers for cross slide And Bed Scale
  • Cables and Power Wires
  • Misc. Cable Ties and fasteners
  • Manual
  • 3 Year Warranty
Precision Matthews
Lathe Digital Read Out Systems
Part No.
Scale Size
Fits Lathes Sized
8.5" x 36" Scales
Fits most 12-14" x 30-36" Lathes
8.5" x 40" Scales
Fits most 12-14" x 36-45" Lathes
12.5" x 50" Scales
Fits most 14-16" x 45-55" Lathes
12.5" x 60" Scales
Fits most 14-18" x 54-65" Lathes
14.5" x 60" Scales
Fits most 18-24" x 54-65" Lathes
14.5" x 80" Scales
Fits most 18-24" x 75-85" Lathes
16.5" x 80" Scales
Fits most 24-30" x 75-85" Lathes
14.5" x 120" Scales
Fits most 18-24" x 110-130" Lathes
16.5" x 120" Scales
Fits most 24-30" x 110-130" Scales
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