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Frequently Asked Questions: PM-25MV
1.  I just hooked up my PM20/25/30MV Milling Machine and it won't start.  What is
  First you will want to make sure that the plastic spindle guard is closed.  There is a safety switch on this, and it
must be closed for the machine to operate. You will hear a light click of the switch when closing this guard,
indicating that the switch is closing. If you do not hear this click, there may be a slight adjustment needed.  

2. My Collet Will Not Fit in to the spindle, but some other tooling will
The spindle has a set screw in it that acts as a key for the slot in the collet. This is fully adjustable, and just needs
backed out a bit to allow the collet to slide in. (Pictured Below)

3. My machine is making a grinding sound at very low spindle speeds, what is
causing this?
At very low speeds, (At or under the minimum rated speed) the brushless motor will sometimes run rough, and
make the machine sound like there is a bad bearing or similar condition. However, if it only does this at or near the
lowest speed, this would normally be a simple adjustment on the board to a slightly higher minimum speed. If it
smooths out with a slightly higher speed, this is a normal condition typical of this motor.

4. What kind of lubrication is recommend for this machine?
The only oil lubrication required for this model is way oil, Mobil Vactra #2 or equivalent, on all slide ways and X, Y,
and Z Axis Screws and parts. This should be performed each time the machine is to be used.
It is also recommended to re-pack the spindle bearings with a high quality spindle bearing grease, such as Kluber
Isoflex NBU 15, or equivalent. The interval of this depends upon use, for light use we would recommend this be
done on a yearly basis. Increase the lubrication interval with heavier use.
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