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Frequently Asked Questions: PM45M
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1.  Q: I just hooked up my PM45M Milling Machine and it won't start.  What is wrong?
 A: Check to be sure you are running on the correct voltage, and the machine is properly wired. (This should be
done by a qualified electrician BEFORE applying power)

2. Q: What Type Of Oil Should I Use? And How Much? Where is the oil drain plug located?
  1.    For the head gearbox of the milling machine, you have many options. You may use a 20 or 30 weight anti
    wear hydraulic oil, or another option is gear oil such as 75W90 (used in the drive axle of a car or truck) The
    head holds approx. 2.4 Quarts Of Oil. Fill until the oil level is at the middle of the sight glass
  2.    For PDF Models, there is an oil cap on top of the power feed mechanism, this takes the same oil as in the
    head above. Apply 2-4 drops when the power down feed is going to be used. (Disengage the power down
    feed mechanism from On to Off when not in use to greatly extend life of the parts)
  3.    For all sliding surfaces, (Ways, leadscrews, bearings, etc) you will want to use a good medium way oil. Way
    oil is far superior to any other oils for this application, and greatly improves smoothness, and extends the life
    of moving parts
  4.   The oil drain plug is in the bottom of the head casting, up in the cavity behind the spindle. It can be hard to
    see sometimes, but look carefully, it is a drain plug, with a 6mm hex inside to use a hex key to remove it.
    (Shown in phone to the right with the red arrow)

3. Q: How long should I break the machine in when I receive it? And how?
A: The machine is already test ran before you receive it, so it can be used for light milling work right away. Please
use the machine in each speed for 15 minutes prior to heavier cutting

4.  Q: What type of coolant should I use with the coolant system?
 A: There are many types of coolants available. The coolant system is designed for water soluble cutting oil, which
has the consistency of water when mixed. Heavy cutting oils can be too thick to pump through the system, the
coolant system is not designed for heavy cutting oils. When selecting coolant, be sure it is something safe for your
skin, environmentally friendly, and suitable for the material you will be working with. Many jobs can be machined
without coolant, but it does help with longer tool life, and better surface finishes

5.  Q: Does the power down feed mechanism feed the spindle both down and up?
 A: No, there is a one way clutch on the power down feed. It is only meant to feed in the down direction

6.  Q: How do I hook up the wiring for the coolant pump during assembly?
 A: Please check our 110/220 wiring sheet on the main page for the PM-45M, it shows how the coolant pump should
be wired

7.  Q: Does the machine come with a plug attached for a wall outlet?
 A: No, you supply your own type of plug, depending on what voltage you will run the machine on. 110 Volt and 220
Volt take different types of plugs, so you will need to choose the plug that is right for your application

Q: What amp circuit should I run the machine on?
  1.  220 Volt Operation you will need a 15 amp, 220 Volt Circuit. (240 Volt is also fine) (You may also run on a 20
    amp, 220/240 volt circuit, these are much more common) The motor draws 8 Amps on 220 Volts.
  2. 110 Volt Operation you will need a 20 Amp, 110 Volt Circuit. (120 Volt is also fine) The motor draws 16 Amps
    on 110 Volts.
9.  Q: What is the plastic hose and fitting for on top of the head?
 A: This is just a vent and nothing more, the hose is there to keep oil from leaking out if the head is tilted all the way
to the right. Do not put oil in this hose.