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Machine Specs:                
 AC-2V                           AC-3KV
Table Size:             9x49                               10x54
Load Capicity:       600 lbs                           700 lbs
X axis Travel:          30"                                  32.5"
Y Travel:                  12"                                  14.5"
Z Travel:                    5"                                     5"
Spindle Taper:        R-8 (
opt. #30 on either machine)R-8
Spindle Speed:   60-4300 RPM,  "F" model is 50-5000 RPM
Servo Motors:                  29"/LB DC Motors
Weight:                 2700 lbs                           3300 lbs
Machine Features:
  •         ISO 9002 certified
  •         Mills are very High Precision Machines, made in Taiwan
  •         “CENTROID” 3 axis fully automatic CNC control # M400S, made in USA
  •         Mechanical variable spindle speed - 60-4,300 rpm  
  •         Heavy duty 3 HP AC spindle motor
  •         Heavy Duty Ribbed Meehanite castings.
  •         Hardened & ground ways: 9x49 model has dovetail ways
  •         Turcite-coated way surfaces for x/y axis for smooth table movement
  •         Precision ground C7 class ballscrews on x, y and z axis with pre-loaded  
          angular contact bearings allow for precise machining operations
  •         travel limit switches for xyz (three) axis standard
  •         Safety handwheels equipped for all axis for manual movement
  •         Auto lubrication system
  •         Two rubber way covers and Tool kit included
  •         Power source 220V , 3 phase ( optional 220V, single phase )
  •        One year full warranty for parts on machine
  •        One year full warranty on CNC control
Centroid M400 Control Features:
  •        PC based, Pentium, 32 Bit digital signal processor
  •        Upgradeable software, and teach mode, software travel limits
  •        128 MB internal hard drive ( control memory / storage capacity )
  •        1.44 MB HD internal floppy disk drive, 3.5” floppy
  •        15” Color LCD display and alpha numeric keyboard
  •        LAN ready, RS232 (interface), mouse, keyboard and parallel ports
  •        High speed 3D contouring ( 3 axis simultaneous )
  •        High speed Machining contains cuttercomp lookahead, high block throughout,
         accel/decel lookahead, high speed 3D contouring.
  •        Standard software includes cutter compensation, drilling cycle, multi range spindle and
         easy “conversational programming language”
  •        Console display includes current position , run time , feed rate & parts counter,
         program display, as well as English, Spanish, French, and Chinese language dis.
  •        Conversational programming includes Pocket Cycles, Frame Mill Cycle, Clean out of
         Irregular Pockets, Straight or Ramped Plunges on Canned Cycles, Position and Line &
         Arc Events, Automatic Corner Radius, Copy and Repeat & Rotate, Mirror with nexting,
         Cycles of Drilling, Boring, threadmilling ( standard and helical), and bolthole pattern
         cycles, Automatic Angle Calculator, Graphical Math Help for Solving Angles &
         Intersections, etc, Linear and Polar Values on Same Event, Single Key Grapging
         Anytime During Programming
  •        Control Operator Panel ( on Console ) includes: E-stop, Feedrate Override, Fast/slow
         Jog Buttons, Continuous Jog or Incremental Jog ( X1, X10, X100 ), MPG select Button,
         Tool check, Cycle Start / Cycle Cancel, Feed hold & Single Block, Axis jogs of x, y, z ,
         Tool Index +/-, and Programmable Auxiliary Keys
  •        Operation includes: Inch/Metric Conversions,Icon & Soft Key-based Menus, Alpha-
         numeric Program Names, 3D Tool Path Graphics ( G code Back Plot ), On Screen
         Operation Instructions, Part Setup Menus, Tool Length & Diameter Setup Menus,Full
         Screen Unlimited File Size Text Editor, Backlash& Leadscrew Compensation, Software
         Travel Limits, and Auto Machine Home & Park
  •        G-code and M-function Programming
  •        200 Position Tool Library, Tool Length and Radius Compesation
  •        Utilities include: Backup & Restore System Files, Format Floppy Command, PLC &
         System Dianostics, Import/Export Program, Drag Plot ( Patened ), Auto Tune, Error
         message Display
  •        UL listing for individual electrical components inside control cabinet